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Our results speak for themselves.

Not Guilty: Filing False Tax Returns

The Scenario: Our client was tried and wrongfully convicted due to the testimony of a lying government witness. We fought to get him a new trial and succeeded when the federal District Court judge presiding over the case agreed with our view that the verdict was a “manifest injustice.” The

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Sentence of Time Served: Federal Money Laundering

The Scenario: A U.S. citizen abroad in Brazil was charged with money laundering.  Our client suffered through deplorable Brazilian prison conditions before we were retained as his attorneys.  Once we took over his case, we pushed to have him returned to the U.S., where we could advocate for a fair result.

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Case Dismissed and Money Returned: Civil Forfeiture

The Scenario: U.S. Customs seized funds from a couple traveling abroad to visit ill and elderly family.  The Customs Official berated and upset our client so much that she forgot she was carrying unreported cash. The Results:  We obtained the successful return of over $10,000 illegitimately taken from our client.  We

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Case Dismissed: Foreign National Allowed to Return Home

The Scenario: A foreign national visiting family was arrested for shoplifting with only a week remaining on her trip.  She would lose her job if she were delayed returning home and the arraignment was scheduled for two months after she was scheduled to leave the US.  The Results: Using our reputation and

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Jury Acquittal: Attempted Murder

The Scenario: While defending himself against an unprovoked attack, our client injured the attacker, his boss. The Results: After a three-week trial, the jury returned a not-guilty verdict on all counts. As an aside, our client later wrote “I Beat the Charges,” a rap song that referred to us as

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Corrected Illegal Sentence: 7/10 Years Taken Off Post-Release Supervision

The Scenario: An Iranian businesswoman, who was previously convicted of human trafficking offenses, received an illegal 10-year term of supervised release.  Because our client attempted to remediate the illegal sentence long before retaining us, many avenues to correct the illegal sentence were foreclosed.  The Results: Using our experience with U.S. Probation and

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