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Our results speak for themselves.

Case Dismissed: Felony Sexual Assault

The Scenario: An actor was accused of forcing his former girlfriend to perform sexual acts with him.  The accuser previously sent our client emails describing lurid sexual fantasies she wished to carry out with him, sexual fantasies involving acts of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.  After the

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Case Dismissed: Family Offense Proceeding

The Scenario: An IT professional was accused of burglary and rape in a Family Offense Proceeding in the Family Court.  His accuser made similar accusations against at least two other individuals. She attempted to destroy his reputation, posting court documents on social media and broadcasting her baseless accusations wherever she could.

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Case Dismissed: Juvenile Cleared of Rape Charge

The Scenario: In a juvenile proceeding before the Family Court, a teenager less than 16-years old was accused of raping a classmate.  After obtaining a temporary order of protection against our client, the accuser attacked him at school, followed him home with another boy, and harassed him.   The Results: We proved the

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Non-Criminal Plea Deal: Driving While Intoxicated

The Scenario: Our client, while driving home from an office holiday party, crashed into a parked car and totaled his vehicle.  Only our client was injured.  He was then taken to the hospital and arrested for driving while intoxicated.  The Results: We obtained a plea to a conditional charge that would permit

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Warrant Vacated and Prevented Arrest: Petit Larceny

The Scenario: We discovered our client, who we were representing in a separate criminal case, had a 7-year old open warrant in another case.  The open warrant would have had disastrous consequences for our client. The Results: After negotiating with the District Attorney’s office, we successfully vacated the open warrant by agreeing

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Successful Appeal: Sexual Abuse Case

The Scenario: A family court judge had sentenced a 12-year-old boy to the maximum term for a juvenile felony offender: 18 months’ in “juvi.” That’s when his parents hired us. The Results: First, we successfully moved to “stay” (suspend) the sentence pending appeal, and got the boy released to his

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