Sex Crimes & Internet Crimes

Accused sex offenders are in a particular bind. Even more so than other criminal defendants, they face societal judgment and ostracism. Amidst these extreme stakes, it’s important to hire us quickly so that we can minimize these issues.

At Varghese & Associates, our Manhattan criminal defense lawyers fight zealously to protect your future and preserve your rights. Once you’ve hired us, you’re in a better position to deal with any ongoing investigation, negotiate with the authorities, get any charges dropped, negotiate a favorable plea bargain, and mitigate any after-effects that could alter your life forever. Have our experienced team guide you through the entire process. We’ve represented criminal defense clients in Manhattan, NYC, and all across New York.

We are well equipped to handle the following:

  • Internet sex crimes, including soliciting a minor, sexting nudes with a minor, child pornography, and other sex-based crimes committed using the internet.
  • Rape. Engaging in sexual intercourse without the other person’s consent or with someone who is incapable of providing consent (minors, mentally disabled, etc.) is considered rape.
  • Child pornography. You can be arrested even if a single image of a child in a lewd act makes its way onto your computer by accident, either through a virus or peer to peer sharing networks. To protect your future, you’ll need a seasoned attorney who is tech savvy and aggressive.
  • Forcible touching. When you subject another person to unwanted sexual contact, you can be charged with forcible touching, which is often a misdemeanor.
  • Sexual conduct against a child. Any type of sexual conduct involving a minor carries serious penalties and severe stigma.

Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) Hearings

Under the Sex Offender Registration Act, those convicted of sex offenses are required to register with the state. A SORA hearing will be held to determine the restrictions that will apply to the offender, whether an online public profile will be created, and risk assessments. It is critical that you have a SORA attorney prepare you for the hearing. We can help you establish the best possible case file and advocate for favorable designations during the hearing.

Child Pornography

Anyone accused of a child pornography crime is nearly-guaranteed to be viewed as guilty in the minds of the public. Such a severe accusation requires a world-class defense counsel to forge a case that can deal with the uphill battle. At Varghese & Associates, P.C., our sex crimes attorneys in Manhattan federal criminal defense are renowned for our dedication to our clients and courage in the courtroom. We shall go to any length to ensure our clients are given the best possible chances despite the seemingly insurmountable odds.

Accused of Child Pornography Crimes?

The prosecution is eager to see you convicted after you are charged with child pornography related crimes. You cannot afford to wait to retain a legal defense team that will take your case seriously and who is not afraid to go to battle in court on your behalf. Our principal, Vinoo Varghese, has quickly built a reputation as a distinguished NYC criminal defense attorney, having achieved two consecutive selections to Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠.

Possible Defenses To Child Pornography Charges

The public, prosecutor, jury, and judge may all be skeptical that there could be a defense to child pornography charges, but we are not. We carefully study case precedents and think creatively to find a defense that works for you. The penalties upon conviction for these crimes may be years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and lifetime registration to sexual offender lists; our primary goal is reducing your charges or having your charges dismissed through our creative and effective litigation.

Three potential defenses we will want to discuss with you are the following:

  1. Mistaken identity: child pornography cases often originate from digital sources, such as videos and pictures posted online. In the digital, cyber, and internet age that we live in, you may not be the only one accessing your computer and devices. There is also the possibility that someone else planted any incriminating evidence from a distant source. The prosecution must show with certainty that you knowingly possessed or encouraged receiving child pornography;
  2. Unknown age: pornographic images, videos, and distributions rarely advertise the age of the people depicted within. If you had reason to believe all parties involved in the sexually driven scenes or actions were of legal age, you may be protected from the prosecution; and
  3. Artistic value: something is explicitly pornographic if it is meant to cause sexual arousal or encourage sexual acts. In contrast, images, videos, and other works with inherent artistic value should not be considered child pornography and, therefore, may not constitute harsh charges.

Your Defense Needs To Be Strong

When our team of Manhattan federal criminal defense attorneys accept a case, we get hands-on and up-close. You cannot benefit from a pre-manufactured defense, only one tailored to your specific case will do. This is the high-caliber representation we afford our clients, each and every time.

Contact our law firm the moment you are accused of possessing, distributing, or creating child pornography. We understand that time is of the essence and can get to work right away on your defense.